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 What is the Difference Between a Possessive Pronoun and a Possessive Adjective

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PostSubject: What is the Difference Between a Possessive Pronoun and a Possessive Adjective    Wed Dec 08, 2010 11:10 am

The difference between a possessive pronoun and a possessive adjective is best understood when the definitions of each are clear. A pronoun is a term used in place of a noun: she, you, they, we, and it. An adjective is used to modify or describe a noun, or in some cases an adverb: Ugly dog, beautiful tree, tasty soup.
People may get confused with the distinctions between a possessive pronoun and a possessive adjective because the words used as possessive pronouns are often slight modifications of the words used for possessive adjectives. The main distinction is that the possessive pronoun is used in place of a noun, while the possessive adjective will always modify a noun.

Consider the following example:
The car is Sally’s.
If we want to substitute in a possessive pronoun to replace the noun Sally’s, we’d merely write:
The car is hers.
This is clearly a possessive pronoun since we have taken out the possessive noun Sally’s and replaced it with hers.
When you’re trying to determine the difference between a possessive pronoun and a possessive adjective, a further example helps. If we want to use a possessive adjective, we might write:
That is her car.
Suddenly, instead of using a pronoun, we have used her to modify and further describe the noun car, Her is an adjective in this case, indicating possession.
It can help you understand differences between a possessive pronoun and a possessive adjective when you see a list of those most commonly used. Simple possessive pronouns include: mine, his, hers, ours, theirs, your. Simple possessive adjectives include: my, his, her, your, our, their. The terms its and his can stand either as possessive pronouns or possessive adjectives, but most words undergo a slight change. In general, with the exception of his, its, my, mine most possessive adjectives end in an s.
For extra practice, indicate in the next ten sentences whether the italicized words are possessive pronouns or possessive adjectives. (Answers are below, but don’t cheat!)
1. My mother went to the store.
2. I can’t find her keys.
3. I think that dog is yours.
4. The cat chased its tail.
5. That opinion is theirs not ours.
6. Can you help our sister move?
7. That coat is definitely his.
8. Your haircut looks great.
9. I believe yours is in the back.
10. That cookie is mine.

Answers: 1,2,4,6,8 are possessive adjectives. 3,5,7,9,10 are possessive pronouns.
The Source:

الفرق بين الضمائر الملكية و الصفات الملكية
نستخدم صفات وضمائر الملكية لكي نبين أن شيئا ما يخص شخصا ما

1) صفات الملكية : تستخدم دائما مع إسم أي يجب أن يتبعها إسم

وصفات الملكية هي : my - your - his - her - its - our - your - their

هذه إبنتي That's my daughter

هل هذا كتابك ؟ Is this your book

هذا مكتبها This is her office

هذه أمه That's his mother

لدي رقم تليفونهم I have got their telephone number

هذا منزلنا This is our house

القطة تريد عشاءها The cat wants its dinner

2) ضمائر الملكية : تستخدم بدون إسم أي لا يتبعها إسم

وضمائر الملكية هي : mine - yours - his - hers - ours - yours - theirs
هذا ملكي This is mine

أعطيه لبيتر .. إنه ملكه Give it to Peter ; its his

النقود ملكنا The money is ours

هذا ملكها This is her

القرار قرارهم The decision is theirs

؟ Whose camera is this ? Is it yours

لمن هذه الكاميرا ؟ هل هي ملكك؟

نستخدم صفات وضمائر الملكية مع أجزاء الجسم والملابس
ضع يديدك في جيوبك Put your hands in your pockets

هذا معطف جيم .. أعطه معطفه .. Here's Jim's coat . Give him his coat

يدي دافئة ولكن يديك باردة My hands are warm , but yours are cold

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What is the Difference Between a Possessive Pronoun and a Possessive Adjective
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